Multilingual Playgroup Report (May 14, 2012) / 5月14日多言語子育てひろばを開催しました

On May 14, 2012, Multilingual Playgroup was held at Hokkori Heart Demach. 
36 people from England, Korea, Indonesia and Japan were participated.
The Seals on the BusWe sang 'Hello to All the Children of the World" together at the opening.

Hello, bon jour, buenos dias!
G'day, guten-tag, konichiwa.....
Ciao, shalom, do-brey dien,
Hello to all the children of the world!

And then, at information exchange time, we shared our childbirth stories. One of the participants from Japan enjoyed a painless delivery in Kyoto and we were all interested in her experience. Painless delivery is not common in Japan and the main idea for delivery in Japan is to endure the pain during delivery. She says that she wants to recommend painless childbirth because she felt so much relaxed. Also, one Indonesian mother shared her childbirth story. She gave a birth in the hospital in Indonesia with her husband and her mother. Until some time ago, husband presence at the delivery was not common in Indonesia, however, the things are changing. There are also options for women to consider that can help reduce pain during the birthing process, she said.

After chatting is story time. We counted one to ten in Taiwanese. Its sound is quite similar to Japanese. It was interesting!

The title of a picture-book is "The Seals on the Bus." A mother from Indonesia read the book for us. This is perfect for animal sounds! We all enjoyed sounds of animals.

Next gathering is on Monday, June11, 2012.


はじまりは、「Hello to all the Children of the World」をみんなで歌いました。もうすっかり歌詞(世界のあいさつ)を覚えた参加者もいらっしゃいました。



絵本は、動物が次から次にバスに乗り込み、鳴き声を披露する物語、「The Seals on the Bus」をインドネシア出身のお母さんに読んでいただきました。鳴き声のまねをしながら、子どもも大人も楽しみました。