Multilingual Playgroup Report (June 10, 2013) / 6月10日多言語子育てひろばを開催しました

A student volunteer Daiki Hara wrote a report about Multilingual Playgroup on June 10, 2013. Thank you.
On June 10, 2013, Jafore's Multilingual Playgroup was held at Hokkori Heart Demachi.
That day, we co-held with "Kyoto-shi Mirai Machizukuri Hyakunin Iinkai" which is the Kyoto city's citizen involvement committee. 47 people from Nepal, Indonesia, Korea, China and Japan participated.
At first, instead of singing ‘Hello to All the Children of the World’, we had Counting Time. Tirak-san from Nepal told us that Nepali language is similar to Hindi, the official language in India.

Then, that committee member explained about outline and their actions.

A great many of foreigners visit Kyoto for sightseeing, and many foreigners live in Kyoto. The keyword in her explanation was ‘Multicultural Society' and ‘Old Comer’ and ‘New comer’. ‘Old comer’ means so-called ‘Special Permanent Resident’, the foreigners having come to Japan before WW and their children or grandchildren. And other hand, ‘New comer’ is ethnic Japanese immigrants or foreign workers coming since 1970s. I thought it was important that we tried to help not only foreign tourist but also New Comer, some of them don’t know Japanese custom, to live comfortably.

Zuo Ping told us about the difference in childbirths between Japan and Sweden. She gave a birth in each country, and now brings up two children in Kyoto. Participants had great interests and asked many questions. Every mother wants to see her baby as soon as possible after the delivery.

In Story time, ‘First the Egg’ was read in English. We hope that each life grow well.
‘100 MOTHERS PORTRAIT & MESSAGE’ (photos by Nonoko Kameyama)
Jun 1(Sat.) - July 7(Sun.), 2013, in Ogaki bookstore in AEON MALL KYOTO

The next multilingual playgroup will be held on Monday, July 8th from 10:30 at Hokkori Heart Demachi. We look forward to seeing you again.






その後、「京都市未来まちづくり委員会」(外国人にとって住みやすいまち・京都チーム)の概要・取組について話がありました。(同ホームページ→ )




絵本の時間では、「First the Egg」が読まれました。

[ 宣伝 ]
「100人の母たち」写真展 (亀山ののこ)
場所:大垣書店 イオンモールKYOTO