Mon. March 9 Multilingual Playgroup Report / 3月9日(月)多言語子育てひろば を開催しました

On Monday march 9, 2015, Jafore's Multilingual Playgroup was held at Hokkori Heart Demachi.
15 participants from Indonesia and Japan enjoyed chatting.

We sang the song "Hello to All the Children of the World" first. This song include "Hello" in 9 languages.

This time, we made a map of "Kyoto Sakura Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot." Participants introduced and recommended their favorite sakura spots. There were about 20 places.

Then, we counted one to ten in Indonesian language. Aulia-san showed us how to count numbers.
In story time, we read a English book call "You be You." Yuko-san shared her favorite book for us. The pages are filled with brand new fish that bring the message of opposites, diversity and acceptance to life.

 Next Multilingual Playgroup will be held on Monday, April 13, 2015.
We're looking forward to seeing you again.






絵本の時間には、「You Be You」を参加者みんなで読みました。この本は、さまざまな魚が登場し、「みんな違って、みんないい」というメッセージを私たちに届けてくれました。


Ms. Aulia, Thanks for your contribution to Jafore. We miss you so much. Good luck in Indonesia!