Mon. May 11, Multilingual Playgroup Report / 5月11日(月)多言語子育てひろば を開催しました

On Monday May 11, 2015, Jafore's Multilingual Playgroup was held at Hokkori Heart Demachi.

39 participants from Indonesia, Congo, Pakistan, France, Malaysia, and Japan enjoyed chatting and information exchange.

We sang the song "Hello to All the Children of the World" first. This song include "Hello" in 9 languages.

Then, Sugimoto-san, a member of "Yasashii Nihongo Yuushi no Kai, (Simple Japanese Class)" gave us a lecture about disaster prevention in simple Japanese and English. Non-Japanese family got Disaster Prevention Guidebook and whistle. She showed us what we should do when the disaster occurs and what we should prepare for any possibility.

Participants had chance to see the items we should always prepare for the disaster. We learned a lot from her presentation.

Then, we counted one to ten in French. A mother from Congo told us.
In story time, we read a French book call "Petit Ours Brun va a la Piscine" Sarah san from France shared her favorite book for us. We all enjoyed French sounds.

Next Multilingual Playgroup will be held on Monday, June 8th, 2015.
We are thinking to have Family relax yoga!
We're looking forward to seeing you again.





絵本は、「Petit Ours Brun va a la Piscine」というフランス語の絵本をフランス出身のサラさんにしていただきました。かわいい絵本とフランス語の音をみんなで楽しみました。