Monday, February 8th, 2016 Multilingaul Playgroup. / 2月8日月曜日「多言語子育てひろば」を開催します

Upcoming Multilingual Playgroup is on February 8th, 2016. Come out and join us for a great time and meet some new friends too!

Date and time: Monday, February 8th, 2016. 10:30-11:30
Place: Hokkori Heart Demachi (map)  

10:30-10:40 Free play time
10:40-10:50 Sing-along time "Hello to All the Children of the World"
10:50-11:20 Chat time "Naraigoto Lessons"
11:20-11:30 1-10 Counting Time and Story time

Let's share information on after school lessons and activities such as calligraphy, piano, soccer, English and the abacus for children & enrichment lessons for Papas and Mamas such as cooking, flower arrangement, kimono and language.


日時: 2016年2月8日(月)10:30-11:30
場所: ほっこりはあと 出町 (map)  

10:30-10:40 じゆうあそび
10:40-10:50 うたのじかん "Hello to All the Children of the World"
10:50-11:20 おしゃべりのテーマは「習い事」
11:20-11:30 1から10までかぞえてみよう! えほんのじかん