【Report】February 13, 2017 Multilingual Playgroup / 2月13日(月)多言語子育てひろばを開催しました

On Monday, February 13, 2017, Jafore's Multilingual Playgroup was held at Hokkori Heart Demachi.

43 people from Indonesia and Japan participated in the event where we enjoyed chatting and information exchange.

To start off the event, we sang “Hello to All the Children of the World,” a song that includes the word “hello” in 9 different languages.

Then we had a ‘Hijab Workshop Time’. Sari-san from Indonesia gave us a lecture of how to wear a Hijab. She brought us 30 beautiful and colorful Hijabs and taught us the reasons why muslim women wear a Hijab. We tried it on by ourselves with a little help of Sari-san. We were surprised by the size of Hijab! We enjoyed this workshop as long as we could, and so story time and counting time was canceled this time.

Next Multilingual Playgroup will be held on Monday, March 13, from 10:30 at Hokkori Heart Demachi. We're looking forward to seeing you again.







(Reported by Taeko)