【Report】Mon. March 13, 2017 Multilingual Playgroup Report / 3月13日(月)多言語子育てひろばを開催しました

On Monday, 13th of March, 2017, Jafore's Multilingual Playgroup was held at Hokkori Heart Demachi.

22 people from Indonesia, Canada, Slovakia, Taiwan and Japan participated in the event where we enjoyed chatting and information exchange.

To start off the event, we sang “Hello to All the Children of the World,” a song that includes the word “hello” in 9 different languages.

Then we shared information on "Kyoto Sakura Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots for Families." Takano-gawa River, Kamigamo jinjya Shrine, Tetsugaku-no-michi, Kyoto Botanical Garden, Maruyama Koen Park, Takaragaike Koen Park (Kodomo no rakuen), Kyoto University, Omiya Kotsu Koen Park, Umekoji Koen Park, etc... Can't wait for Sakura.

After that, we had a counting time. Sari-san from indonesia and Katarina-san from Slovakia taught us how to count from 1 through 10 in their language. Sari-san also introduced Indonesian song call "SAYANG SEMUANYA (I like everyone)."

The gatherings for Jafore's Multilingual Playgroup will be IRREGULAR after April 2017. We will announce on our website and FB page when we plan to organize meetings.

We will continue to update our activities, so please keep checking our website and FB page as we move forward.



次に、「Kyoto 家族向けおすすめお花見スポット」について、情報交換をしました。高野川、上賀茂神社、哲学の道、京都府植物園、円山公園、宝ヶ池公園(子どもの楽園)、京都大学、大宮交通公園、梅小路公園、など、、、。桜の開花が待ち遠しいですね!

今回のカウンティングタイムはサリーさんがインドネシア語、そしてカタリーナさんがスロバキア語で1-10の数え方を教えていただきました。またサリーさんがインドネシア語の"SAYANG SEMUANYA”(みんなすき)とい数字の歌も教えてくださいました。